Lukas BogDawg Essentials

The Lumberjack’et:

Luka’s Lumberjack’et is without a doubt our favourite BogDawgs item. It’s weather proof, tailor made and throughout winter he wore this coat every day, it lasted amazingly. No amount of mud, water, machine washing or general wear and tear could defeat this coat, and it didn’t rub or irritate him at all. You can customise everything with your lumberjack’et, and prices start from just £35. Wash at 40° and avoid tumble drying !


The BogRobe is an absolute must have! It’s a slip on robe made of towelling fabric that not only dries but also protects from the inevitable wet-dog-shake that follows bath time! Like a dressing gown, before Luka has a bath I pop it on the radiator, and then after bathing I towel him dry and then pop his BogRobe on and I’m not then worrying about him shaking and getting ‘wet dog’ stench all over the house or even in his bed. Its also perfect for taking on any beach trips or anywhere your dog may get wet or damp. Once used simply wash and dry as you would a towel. The BogRobe is £15 and worth every penny!


One reoccurring comment we get from people when it comes to tailor made anything, is the phobia of measuring. While you may think measuring your pampered pooch will be a disastrous and stressful ordeal, let me reassure you, there’s no need to be put off! It’s so simple, depending on what you’re ordering Sabine will while you through any measurements she needs. You can always point out if you have any additional requirements like allowing growth room for a puppy or shrink room for the canines on a weight loss mission!

Paw Wax:

BogDawgs paw wax is 100% natural, it’s great for using before walks to help protect paw pads. We use it as part of Luka’s grooming sessions for the occasional paw massage but more so to protect his paws from chemicals and toxic substances found on many roads and pathways, especially grit in the winter. I love that BogDawgs paw wax is no frills and no fancy packaging, you’re paying for the product, not unnecessary packaging. Available in Original, Blue, Pink and Green; 1 bar = £4, 2 bars =£7 and the whole set is just £12. * Grit is highly toxic to dogs so please do not rely on PawWax to offer 100% protection and always rinse your dogs paws thoroughly after contact with grit*


Luka has lots of BogDawgs accessories, why not, right? He has Bowties, Bandanas, Lead and collar sets… you name it, we have it. The lead and collars are not just for show, they are durable enough to stand up to your walks and come with a range of style options including plastic or metal buckles and fasteners. BogDawgs accessories are designed to be funky looking but practical and usable, as with all of their products the balance of quality and value for money is fantastic.

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