Oatsodirty Bar

The ‘ Oatsodirty Bar ‘ is the latest creation by Dirty Dog Bar, a relatively new brand changing the way we bath our dogs with their innovative skin-friendly soap bars.

I have been a huge fan ever since they launched and was really excited to be the first to try this bar out before its official release date.

When I received the bar the first thing that was noticeably different to the other Dirty Dog Bars I have tried was not the colour, it was the smell! The distinctive smell is from the cedarwood one of the key ingredients in this new bar. Personally I love the smell but i’m sure there will be divided opinions on this, although Im sure every dog owner will agree, its a hell of a lot be better than Eau-de-foxpoop (we’ve all been there!) Or any harsh chemical-saturated shampoo!

On using the bar its very much the same as the other Dirty Dog Bars, you kind of get your own technique when using the bars due to the nature of soap, yes it’s slippy folks! Wether using a sponge, the mitt (optional purchase) or just your hands its not rocket science. The bar lathers up pretty well and certainly cleans amazingly, Luka being a Dalmatian is always the first to look filthy but his coat came up amazing with this bar. So top marks for muck-lifting!

Whats really the key factor for me when it comes to Dirty Dog Bars as appose to conventional dog shampoos Is the all natural skin friendly ingredients. Luka never itches or scratches after his baths, he has sensitive skin and the bars work brilliantly for him, the Oatsodirty Bar is no exception to this.

Luka convinced the bar is edible

This flavour in particular is really packed full of natural super-ingredients; Oatmeal, Cedarwood and Shea Butter are just some of the key ingredients that make this Limited Edition Bar. You can read the full information including ingredients and their associated health benefits here.

I love it, Luka loves it and im sure you will too! Those that may find Dirty Dog Bars too slippy i’m sure will also have the opinion that water is too wet, you know? The Oatsodirty Bar retails at Β£5.95 and at the time of writing this I believe sales have just gone live, there is limited stock available and i’m certain they won’t hang around long. Find out how to order with 10% discount below.

Final thoughts on the Oatsodirty Bar? Another fantastic product from Dirty Dog Bar, once again bringing an incredible product to the table, our Lukable rating has to be a solid 10 out of 10!

Thank you Dirty Dog Bar for sending us your Oatsodirty Bar to try and huge congratulations on yet another pawsome product!

Follow The Dirty Dog Bar on Instagram to keep up with their latest offers and some fantastic competitions and giveaways!

To order your Dirty Dog Bar head over to their website: www.sparkyle.co.uk/the-dirty-dog-bar use code ‘LUKA10‘ for 10% off your order.

This review is our own opinion and has not been influenced or edited in anyway. We will never promote or recommend a product that we genuinely do not believe in.

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