Cooper & Gracie

Cooper & Gracie sent us some of their Deodorising Dog Dry Shampoo to put to the test.

Cooper & Gracie are a small family run company that specialise in making 100% natural, cruelty free pet care products. They make a variety of grooming and skincare products. All are natural cruelty free and made right here in the UK.

When our Dry Shampoo arrived, our first impressions were good, the bottle was nicely packaged with clear simple instructions on how to use and the spray nozzle felt robust and durable.

When it came to using the dry shampoo I found the instructions simple and easy to follow, you literally spray on, work through your dogs coat and that’s it! I used the dry shampoo fairly frequently as getting dirty is something Luka excels at! To keep Luka clean and smelling fresh he would need bathing every day, obviously this is just not possible, so having the dry shampoo was a god send and knowing its 100% natural ingredients are gentle on Lukas skin gave me total peace of mind.

The results are fantastic, not only is it easy to use, but it works! Something that can’t always be said for some of the novelty products available on the dog grooming market! The dry shampoo leaves Luka smelling fresh, and does a superb job at cleaning any mud, fox poop and stains from his coat. In fact I found it did a better job than some of the wet shampoo’s I have tried.

I think Cooper & Gracie have a fantastic product here that ticks all the right boxes; ease of use, effectiveness, 100% natural and cruelty free! Whats not to like? The Deodorising Dry Shampoo has become my go-to product now for after walks and as part of Lukas routine grooming. We love the dry shampoo as an in-between bath freshen up, the best thing is that you can give your dog a quick clean and freshen in the space of 5 mins.

You can buy your Cooper & Gracie products here and they have kindly given us a discount to share with you, “R&M20” will get you 20% off!

Our Lukable rating for Cooper & Gracie’s Deodorising Dry Shampoo is 10 out of 10. We absolutely love it !

This review is our own opinion and has not been influenced or edited in anyway. We will never promote or recommend a product that we genuinely do not believe in.


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