Guest Blog: Kate Linay on BogDawgs

I stumbled across BogDawgs after following Luka on Instagram and it has been my go-to company since.

Kate Linay

I better start by introducing my 3 furbabies:

  • Oreo – 3yrs Pointer cross
  • Willow – 7yrs Chihuahua cross
  • Boo – 7yrs Chihuahua

I needed a coat for Oreo because her mass produced one just wasn’t fitting right, she is long in the body and deep in the chest but pretty lean so other coats would fit her length but not her chest. I spent a couple of hours on a Sunday speaking with Sabine explaining exactly what I wanted. I picked a red tartan waterproof lumberjack’et lined with purple fleece and extra wadding so she doesn’t feel the cold. I decided to go for buckle closure to avoid velcro getting gummed up with mud and grass. When it arrived it fit perfectly, Oreo can happily run, roll and explore as she would without feeling restricted. I later ordered a second coat with the addition of reflective paw prints for extra visibility and a hanging loop to make it easier to hang up, Sabine was more than happy to do this for me.

Oreo in her first BogDawgs Lumberjack’et

Next I ordered 3 BogRobes as bathing 3 dogs often resulted in the whole house ending up soaked from the post bath shakes, I like to bath them then stick them in their robes while I dry one at a time; BogRobes are so easy to use and seem very comfortable.

3 musketeers in their BogRobes

Willow needed a jumper so naturally I turned to BogDawgs, I picked the fabric and when it arrived once again it fit like a glove, no rubbing and a nice length in the belly (I sometimes find them to short on the belly) Willow also loves it and as you can see below it brings out her cheeky side.

Willow “What are you looking at?!”

Other orders have included collars, leads, bows, harnesses and a beautiful pink leopard print with pink teddy bear lining snuggle sack for Willow, this went down a treat and she now sleeps a lot better! She even shares with Boo (sometimes) it’s extremely well made and ultra warm!

I would rate BogDawgs 10 out of 10. This review is my own opinion and has not been influenced by a third party.

Blog by Kate Linay @oreosadventuresinwales

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