I first discovered LeanDog after Luka became very unwell on his usual food, which was diagnosed as an allergy to grain. After trying lots of different brands of food, we found LeanDog, a small brand that makes grain free high protein dry food. A dog food company making grain free food, whats new? I thought the same, the real difference came after speaking to Roz, the lady behind LeanDog.

Unlike the majority of brands that dominate the dog food industry, you can actually speak to a human being. Roz is always happy to answer any queries and offer as much help and support as possible. You can get specific advice on feeding guidelines, suitability and anything else you may need. You can trust that you are buying from a brand that is passionate about the nutrition behind their dog food, not just their profit margins!

“What’s really great is that you can try LeanDog for free! Visit www.leandog.co.uk to find out all about LeanDog and order your free samples.”

Choosing which of the LeanDog foods is best for your dog is easy, there are 4 flavours;

  • Mighty – Puppy food made with 60% Chicken
  • Vigour – Adult single protein made with 50% Turkey
  • Gusto – Adult multiple protein made with 50% Salmon & Trout
  • Spright – Adult light recipe (for weight loss) made with 50% Salmon & Trout

Luka is fed on the Mighty puppy food and to say he is thriving on it would be an understatement. His weight is perfect, he no longer itches and scrats at his paws. He passes wind much less often and his poop is a healthy consistency. Lets face it, its us picking those doggy number 2’s up so this is a welcome benefit.

All LeanDog’s recipes are made without grain, fillers or low grade animal meat meal and with freshly prepared human-grade ingredients.

The price compared to some of the market leading big brands is excellent value for money. What’s really great is that you can try LeanDog for free! Visit www.leandog.co.uk to find out all about LeanDog and order your free samples. You can use my code LEAN20-LD when ordering for 20% off your first order.

If you have tried LeanDog and would like to share your experience then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

As a Brand Ambassador for LeanDog I wanted to share with you the benefits Luka has experienced since changing him onto their puppy food. I was not asked or paid to write this review.

Our Lukable rating for LeanDog has to be a 10 out of 10!

This review is our own opinion and has not been influenced or edited in anyway. We will never promote or recommend a product that we genuinely do not believe in.

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